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School Timings:

The following are the timings: -

LKG-UKG:0800h  - 1230h                   

Class I–V:0800h  - 1410h                    

Educational Links...

Results of “Drawing” Competition:

Class I A

1st Swastik    Tejas House

2nd Akmal     Tejas House

3rd Prateek    Sarang House

Class I B

1st  Aadhya   Sarang House

2nd  Sahil     Tejas House

3rd  Barnav   Sukhoi House

Class II A

1st  Rudra    Sukhoi House

2nd  Darpan   Tejas House

3rd  Shaksham Sukhoi House

Class II B

1st  Darsh   Sukhoi House

2nd  Nishant Sarang House

3rd  Rishab  Sarang House

     Manyta  Tejas House

Class III A

1st  Mansi   Cheetha House

2nd  Suhana  Sukhoi House

3rd  Aryan   Sarang House

     Naincy   Cheetha House

Class III B

1st  Sakshi   Tejas House

2nd  Aviral   Tejas House

3rd  Kanishk  Tejas House

     Esha     Sarang House

Class IV

1st  Subham Cheetha House

2nd  Darshana Sarang House

3rd  Sonam    Tejas House

Class V

1st  Koushik  Sarang House

2nd  Prasidhi Cheetha House

3rd  Arnav   Cheetha House